Unlimited Graphic Design, Social

Media & Ads Design Promo

only $499/Month (Normally $750)

Quick turnarounds. Affordable and efficient. Unlimited Graphic Design, Social Media management, Ads design & Funnels per month without sacrificing your brand. Built for the modern business or agency, we deliver graphic design and Ad creation without the hassle of expensive agencies or freelancers. With a 15 day money back guarantee.

Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Try us risk-free with our 15 day money back guarantee!

Helping small business owners and agencies scale without sacrificing your brand or your budget.

Unlock Wow-Factor Professional Marketing Services at

Half the Price with ZERO Headaches

Truth be told, you've got a lot on your plate.

Unlimited Project Requests Every Month

We're here to help you scale your social media and business marketing online. Enjoy premium Graphic Design and Ads design services as often as you need! One flat rate gets you a managed studio full of Ads-experts and professional graphic designers, and ZERO surprises. Log in to your own online portal to track any pending job requests or to download any delivered content, anytime.

Quick Response and Delivery

We speak Social Media and Ads. Delegate your design needs, hassle free, to your very own team of project managers, designers & Ads building experts. From designing your social media graphics, to building Ads in Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook or Google, we’ve optimized our processes to ensure you get exactly what you need to scale your business without hiring multiple expensive agencies.

No Contracts, Cancel Anytime

One fixed monthly rate - no cancellation fees, and no hidden charges or fees. With consistent pricing and a risk-free 15 day trial, you’ll never have to worry about getting locked in to rigid contracts that don't deliver. Use Kickstart Social PRO's secure and scalable service platform to have marketing content created for your business on-demand and on autopilot. Book a call with us to find out how long your upcoming project will take.

One low rate for all your Graphic Design and Ads Design PLUS our custom CRM Funnel platform to manage your leads

You get a specialized talent for each ticket you submit. Our full-time team of creatives follow our rigorous quality assurance process. You’ll never have to hire multiple expensive agencies or freelancers again. Our affordable subscription rate delivers every Graphic Design & Ads creation service we have including Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and Google Ads. Turn your social media leads into paying customers with our CRM Funnel platform. Kickstart Social PRO is a complete social media lead generation system designed to make you money.


Submit Your Request

We need basic details, like social media vibe, logos and colors, and Ad details to get started on your project. The sky is the limit and our work is exceptional. No templates or rinse and repeat for our valued customers. Not tech savvy? No worries, we've got you covered.

Review and Revise

We design and deliver your content for you to review and offer feedback. We’ll revise until it’s perfect (graphics and ads) through our automated platform so you know how your project is progressing at all times. Our intake is efficient so you won't waste time on edit requests.

We Start Building

Once your designs are complete, you will get all the files you need and the source files with 100% ownership. And your ads will be launched in your own business manager and funnel software. You keep all of your leads for re-targeting.

All the Graphics and Ads you need to grow your business or agency in one place.

Finally enjoy premium graphic design services and Ad creation as often as you need!

One fixed price gets you a personal team of skilled Ad experts and Pro designers, at an affordable rate. Plus our custom CRM automation system Lumi Funnels.

One subscription, multiple services.

Every business is a media business, but not every business has a team of creatives to make an impact from day one. We are that team.

Unlimited Social Media Graphic Design

Unlimited Marketing Material Design

Unlimited Social Media Ad creation

Full funnel building + Ad launch in Lumi Funnels

Unlimited requests every month

Success Stories

Get Started With Unlimited Graphic Design, Ads design and Funnels

Turn your social media accounts into a lead generation machine

with Kickstart Social PRO and Lumi Funnels CRM.

Say Good-Bye to Overpriced Agencies

Use our expert team of Ad Design Experts & Professional Graphic Designers. Your team is made up of a Project Manager and Designers that know your business inside and out. We’ll work within your company's guidelines and sales goals to ensure that our work is cohesive with your company’s mission and vision.

For Businesses of All Sizes

All prices include our expert team of graphic designers, experienced Ad Design Experts, and project managers. Our experts work with businesses of all sizes. Affordable and efficient, we won't make you sacrifice your brand or your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get for the $499/Month?

For our Standard Package, at $499/ month flat, you get 1 dedicated graphic designer, 1 dedicated ad developer and 1 dedicated account manager to work on your design projects. You get unlimited revisions on your projects, though the projects will be queued one item at a time. 

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How many projects can I submit per month?

For the standard package, your projects will be queued on a ticketing system, with unlimited revisions per project, but the projects will be produced one at a time. Once a project is done and finalized, you can immediately request another one.

FAQ image

What is your customer support like? Do you have office hours?

We pride ourselves on customer service. Our office is open 9am-5pm PST

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What social media platforms do you create content for?

We create graphics only for our PRO plan on social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Need video content? Book a TEAMS call for a quote.

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Is the work created for me original to me?

Your work is 100% unique to you. We follow your requirements and brand guidelines (if you have them) or match qualities from an existing brand. In addition, whenever you request for us to use templates we make sure they’re also aligned to your specific brand and requested messaging.

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How does Kickstart Social PRO pricing compare to others?

Other services usually will charge an arm and a leg, charge you per hour or lack the proper experience or design caliber. We haven’t found anyone that can meet our turnaround times and high-end quality.

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How many revisions can I get per project? Is there a limit?

There are no limits to project revisions; however, remember that projects will be worked on one at a time, so a project needs to be final/ approved and the ticket needs to be closed before starting a new one.

FAQ image

What if I want to stop my subscription? How do I cancel?

This is easy! You can just message your assigned account manager to discontinue the service and we will process it right away. There are no pro-rated billings or refunds for all clients though, so the end-date of the engagement will be the last paid date according to your contract.

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How often do you bill your clients?

We bill monthly from the date of your purchase.

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What platforms do you create Ads for?

Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and Google. We show you how to set up a business account if you don't have one and our tech-team does the rest.

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Can I have several projects active at the same time?

Yes, of course. You can send as many as you want to and you will always have one active ticket at a time per license, An active ticket equals a project being worked on in real-time. Each ticket varies in its length of execution. For example, most graphics get done and delivered in under 48 hours.

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What's the advantage of having an all-in-one solution?

Our customers find it beneficial to have a trusted team that can deliver on all their creative tasks. With your subscription, you have all types of abilities to produce and repurpose content and then push that content to Ad creation. Having the freedom to jump from one type of design to another is undoubtedly a superpower. It also creates a cohesive brand message.

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What is Lumi Funnels CRM Software?

Lumi Funnels CRM is a robust automation software designed for lead generation. Create unlimited websites, funnels, courses and memberships. Lumi comes loaded with features including AI Booking Bot, chat bot, all conversations in one place, text-to-pay, SMS and email campaigns creation and more.

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Try us risk-free with our 15 day money back guarantee!

Watch Jessica on The Medspa Club Podcast!

Join Jessica White, PT and host Monica Swint, RN as they take a deep dive into all things marketing including how to build community and grow your customer base.

Helping small businesses and agencies scale without sacrificing your brand or your budget

E-Commerce CBD Brand

IV Hydration and Aesthetics

Networking Events

Trifold Brochure Design

Logo Design

Trofold Brochure Design

Real Estate

Construction and Contractor

Insurance Provider

Banner Design

Banner Design

Banner Design

Concierge IV Hydration

Business Coach

IV Hydration and Aesthetics

Logo Design

Product Design

Logo Design

IV Hydration and Weight-loss

UGC + Fashion Coach

Construction and Contractor

Event Flyer / Banner

Event Flyer / Banner

Event Flyer / Banner

Social Media Ad Design and set up that Converts - Tiktok, Instagram Facebook and Google.

Why Work With Us

Founder and CEO | Jessica Lynne White BS, MSPT

As a 42 year old first time mother, I spent a lot of time on social media to pass the time with a new born. While on maternity leave as a Physical Therapist and Director of Rehabilitation, I became really fascinated with how business owners successfully monetize their social media to grow their businesses.

What kind of social media content converts? Does boosting a post really turn followers into paying customers? What is a sales funnel and how do I leverage it to book more clients?

It all started with designing social media graphics for a Nurse Practitioner in Georgia who owned an IV Hydration, Medical Aesthetics and Body Sculpting spa. Many other health, wellness, beauty and spa brands quickly took notice of her relatable and beautiful content strategy that I designed for her spa. So they reached out for help to grow their customer base and sales too. Digital Marketing Agency was born and ever since then we've been perfecting our craft for all business types and niche. Designing social media graphics and Ads to beat out your competition and finally compete on crowded social media channels without breaking the bank.

Today we design relatable, beautiful and on brand social media content that converts. We also design laser focused Ad campaigns to get in front of your dream client and ultimately book more leads. And we connect it all together with Lumi Funnels Automation Software to turn your social media accounts into a lead generation machine. We know what it's like to start or scale a small business or agency. Kickstart Social PRO is built for the modern business with your budget in mind, without sacrificing your brand.


24/7 Requests For Unlimited Projects in One Cohesive Environment.

Organized Ticketing System

Automated Ordering Process

Unlimited Project Requests

15 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Kickstart Social PRO

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